10482320_694240453959217_281257972144893821_oThe remains of myself aren’t exactly remains, but postcards of memoirs to bury deep in this graveyard called my heart.
Tears ran down my face and I lost the will to live; rock bottom welcomed me and melancholy kissed me, told me that life isn’t all fine poetry and drizzled petrichor, but a shout in a deep void of an empty heaven called life.
Life – will there be anything else?
How I borne and I bury; find the will to thrive then slash its thin-iced throat.
Happiness has been taken from me and enliven in somebody else.
Whoever you are, I hope you taste the sweetness of kind words from a stranger.
I hope you feel engulfed by the loud laughter of my close friends.
I hope you fall into the mesmerizing depth of my lover’s eyes.
I hope you catch bewildering moments and grasp gritty details, smile when you look back and return to me as you’ve formed new caskets of memories to bury into my soul.
Maybe death isn’t a sad ending.


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