Mona Wants You To Get Angry


I uttered those words like a holy mantra, and that’s all it took. I blocked him everywhere – beyond social media. I blocked him from my mind and heart. I blocked him from my life. I never spoke or thought of him again. I was once so sensitive, so fragile to the hurt the world hit me with. But something life taught me is that revolution is something which starts within.
That was the last straw.  I cried too much, and that was enough. Enough tears.
Girls, the first time it happens to you, it’s normal to cry. It will hurt; you will hurt. And it’s completely understandable, relatable and natural that you will be sad when someone you care about deliberately turns their back on you.
And you may cry the second time; the third time, too.
But my message from me to you is this:
I do not want you to live your life thinking that crying is an implicit given. Sadness is not something you should allow yourself to frequently feel. It is a negative feeling and it diminishes self-growth more than it motivates it.
I want you to know and acknowledge that just because it happened, it doesn’t mean that you are any less beautiful, any less smart, any less elegant, kind, deliberate or dynamic. The way he treats you barely ever reflects your colors. To be honest, no one will build you but you, and it is essential that you realize your beauty, or else someone else will depict it for you, and depictions will not always be accurate. They will not always be at your best interest.
My name is Mona, and to all the young ladies out there, I want you to:
Get angry.
I want you to be fed up.
Get mad.
I want you to say “Hey – I’ve made a mistake giving you a millisecond of my time. Time to drop you like you ain’t shit.”
I want you to strip everyone from the satisfaction of knowing that they inflicted pain of any sort on you. Do not think about trying to convince the world otherwise. Do not even think of thinking twice.
Be a mountain for once – in fact, become it. Be natural and unmovable. Challenge turbulence.
Strength is knowing your self-worth, that you are worth all the love in the world, and you are not to be taken for granted.
The “holy mantra” is as such. It is a lifestyle. Make it your religion:
“Ah. This again. Had enough? You ready? What are you gonna do now? You gonna cry like you do everytime? Or you gonna snatch this opportunity to change yourself?”
It was time.
“This will be the last time. This will be the last time.
I am tough.
No one can hurt me but me.
No one can hurt me but me.
Dare I cry –
And no one can hurt me but me.”
Mona Issa

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