You Are In This Dream


You are in this dream
and I’m there too!
a very real unreal dream
we’re running in endless fields
of a thousand dancing sunflowers
dazzling, proud and grateful
there’s definitely something
smiling in this dream
oh, what a rare gesture, that is
the peculiarity of a loving embrace
on a day so cold
a time so cold
how love’s fingers linger
like petals
which brush against our skins
we lose our buds in this chaos
things of beauty and whispers in the night
the very essence I’m born in
the way nature painted me,
the adventure in creation
you, on the other hand
are a nova of magic, miracle and poetry
in a world of glitter, material and dread
you breathe in this dream
but some day something will lift you
and it’ll lift me
I don’t know what that something is,
but I’m pretty sure it exists
and when I’m up there
and when we’re done with this dream
the sky will not bear the weight of my soul
and that’s why we have billions of stars
scattered across in cosmic dust
art will fall in envy
and I will fall in insanity
there will be life
and I will live it so greedily.
Mona Issa

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