the goodbye letters

1 today was something else. he mentioned to me that it was even different to him – that he never found himself to be so talkative. that he would regret this in the morning. that he would most definitely regret this in the morning. he made me promise him that i wouldnt. he told me […]

if you find me

if you find me take me to the city lights the night sky heard my whispers she’s calling for me on such days when my weight is too much to bear gravity pulls me to the bottom I fade I’m distant, non-existent I forget how to fight the current again if you find me take […]

The Exile of ’48

“Only faith will free Palestine” was something my grandma acquired after six decades of being a refugee. “I was born in 1938 – the eldest among my siblings. Everyone in Melkiye had a gun at the time, so my Dad bought one of those French guns to protect himself, and protect our home.” She was […]

The Islam of Science: What Lead to The Downfall of The Muslim World?

It’s no surprise that scientists argue that science and religion are two separate entities incapable of integration. Western thought and agenda have taken the science world by storm throughout modern history, and in return, have become the vanguards of technological development and modernity. Undoubtedly, Western colonialism and secular hegemony have highly influenced the way Arabs, […]

Love: A Memoir of Diagnosis, Symptoms & Side Effects

                          Love for me is very much like the embodiment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Falling in love captures the very core of your brain. It holds you where you are, by your central control system, and wires it into a shock. The shock […]